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When it comes to valuing a business, there are two types of appraisal. There is one where you are basically guessing, and one where you arrive at a valuation based on sound principles and market based statistics. BCI will value your business and give you a figure that you can rely on.

We guarantee to base it on the right methodology and we will stand by our valuation.

All our valuers are qualified by experience and their opinion is backed by many hundreds of transactions and valuations of businesses just like yours.

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What Our Clients Say

Shane Melaugh

“A proactive business broker with the knowledge and skill”

“Tony is a proactive business broker with the knowledge and skill to sell a businesses. He collaborates with all parties to achieve the sale. He communicates extremely well with buyers, sellers and other brokers. I recommend Tony should you require a business broker to sell your business.

Jamie Borruso
Business Broker & Senior Consultant, Close Encounters Trading Network Pty Ltd

Shane Melaugh

“Get the professional service that you deserve”

“If you are considering selling your business, don’t waste your time shopping around for a broker that doesn’t even understand business. Go straight to BCI Brokers and get the professional service that you deserve”

Susanna Palmer

Why A Professional Appraisal?

The only way to value a business is using proven methods, tried and tested in market conditions. Anything else is only guess work. In the final analysis, you need to find someone to pay that price to prove value.

How you assess a business will vary depending on a number of factors; it is critical to get a proper assessment, as your business is unique. Valuing your business needs to be done taking into account your personal circumstances and those of the business.

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Our Quick Appraisal Guarantee

  • Professional Advice
  • Personalised Service
  • Market Value Opinion
  • Guide on what Valuation Method to use What
  • Financial Consulting
  • Quick Opinion when Buying a Business
  • Quick Opinion when Selling a Business
  • Appraisal completed two days
  • Confidential
  • Phone Interview

Price is Capped

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About BCI Business Brokers

BCI Business Brokers has been serving small business for nearly 30 years and now we want to talk directly to small business about business valuation. In our time in the industry we have sold well over 1,500 businesses and valued many thousands more.

Whether you are buying or selling business or want to learn how to grow your business you came to the right place. The key to success is knowing what a business asset is worth.

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Tony Arena - BCI Business Brokers - Business Valuation specialist
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