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Our happy Customers


“If you are considering selling your business, don’t waste your time shopping around for a broker that doesn’t even understand business. Go straight to BCI Brokers and get the professional service that you deserve.”

Susanna Palmer


“Tony and his team were methodical, precise and timely in their work. He completed a business valuation that lead to a decision which was proven over time to be accurate.”

Nathan Isterling

hired Tony as a Business Consultant

“Having devoted 21 years in building our business, when we decided it was time to sell, it was important that we had a professional and respected brokerage business. We interviewed 3 different brokerage companies. Phil Lyons met with us in Wagga and his approach was perfect – professionalism exemplified! After building a business for 21 years, there are a lot of emotions involved when deciding to sell and during the selling process. Both Phil and Tony showed extreme empathy and their industry expertise was invaluable.A well constructed and detailed Information Memorandum about our business was prepared, all potential buyers were well vetted and confidentiality maintained at all times. During the due diligence process Phil and Tony provided invaluable support and when it was time to negotiate, their industry experience assisted us to obtain the best possible outcome. The selling timeframe outlined was consistently met and the sale finalised by the estimated date.Thank you for your friendly, honest and professional guidance. It was an absolute pleasure working with you to obtain our goal.”

Justine and David Good

Founders & Directors, MSP Photography Pty Ltd

“When placing my business on the market I used Tony’s services. I found that Tony had strong expertise in his area and easy to deal with. His advice was professional and very sound. He kept me informed of progress and took the trouble to understand my position, what I wanted and tried to deliver on that. I have no hesitation in recommending Tony – a true professional.”

Peter Vrachas

Ecomist Australia

“Tony was involved in the sale of my business 5 years ago. From the initial consult meeting to end negotiations, he was hands on with all parts of the sale and worked all leads very hard. He assisted me in the legal needs and was instrumental in the advertising and marketing of the business sale.

He understood the personal and emotive side of selling a business and worked closely with all parties on this. I would thoroughly recommend Tony for any business sale in the future.”

David Everett

Managing Director, Carbolite

“I enjoyed working in conjunction with Tony because we enjoyed similar standards and appreciation of the Hospitality Industry. He is an experienced operator and has an empathy with successful businesses as well as less successful businesses. He is an unselfish advisor and prepared to give of his experience to assist in you (the client) in achieving your goal. It has been my pleasure to have worked with Tony as a fellow Restaurant and Cafe Consultant.”

Michael Fischer

Associate Director, Feszt & Feszt Pty Ltd

“Tony is a proactive business broker with the knowledge and skill to sell a businesses. He collaborates with all parties to achieve the sale. He communicates extremely well with buyers, sellers and other brokers. I recommend Tony should you require a business broker to sell your business.”

Jamie Borruso

Business Broker & Senior Consultant, Close Encounters Trading Network Pty Ltd

“Tony is unique in the market as he only does business with people with whom he can help to be successful. This occurs in either his business broking business or direct consulting. The depth and breadth of his business knowledge means that his results focussed and he makes things happen.”

Stephen Kozicki

Managing Partner, Gordian Business

“I have recommended a number of my clients to Tony when they were seeking to buy a business. I know Tony will work diligently with my clients and treat them with professionalism and respect to a level without peer.  I have also attended many of Tony’s networking events and have always enjoyed the experience and formed numerous business connections.”

Mark Toole

Mortgage Broker, Custom Finance Group

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